WDX400 XRF Spectrometer

Model Number: WDX400

The WDX400 is a powerful tool that has built in 9 fixed proportional Counter Detectors for the analysis of the elements you choose, with an amazing accuracy and 1 SiPin Detector to test all other elements. With our simple software and technical capabilities, where most testing takes very long, our process is very simple because it incorporates both XRF methods in one. With a new multi channel digital processor, it has greatly improved the measurement accuracy and stability.

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INDUSTRY: Construction - Soil, Cement, Concrete


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Na, Mg, Al, Si, S, Cl, K, Ca, Fe, P or Ti (Fixed), S - U (EDXRF)
Precision: 0.05% (24 Hours)/li>
200W (50KV4mA). 12-hour tube voltage
Tube: 400W thin Be end window X-ray tube made by Varian
Gas Flow Proportional Detector + Sealed Proportional Detector
Independent Vucuum Pumping Structure
Multi-Channel MCA real-time detection system
10 paths of 1024-channel independent pulse heigh analyzer


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