Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Model Number: GCMS 6800

Skyray’s new generation Gas Chromatograph – Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) system offers high performance, high reliability, and low cost for customers of all types. Holding multiple patents, Skyray manufactures high quality GC-MS 6800, which is widely used in industrial inspection, food safety, environmental protection, etc.

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Main Unit Specfications
Temperature program steps: 24 steps
Heating zone: 6
Capability to control electronically; 16 channels for gas
Capability to install: 5 detectors +1 MS detector + 3 sample injectors with independent temperature control
Channel analysis: 3
Data acquisition speed: = 3ms (250Hz) for all modules
Pressure and detector gas: digitally controlled
Memory: able to store 14 methods
Safety feature: Memory Protection When Power Off, Leakage Detection, Power Line Filter
Self diagnostic: provided
Oven Specfications
(Ambient +4?) ~ 450?, -50? ~ 450? with Liquid CO2.
Oven volume: 15 Liters
Temperature calibration at 0.04?
Temperature variation coefficient: 0.040?/0?
Programming rate setting: 130?/min
Cooling rate: 450? to 50? within 1 minute
Total system time: ~9999.99 min
Temperature resolution: =1?
Temperature deviation: = 2?
Injection Port Specfications
4 independently temperature controlled injector units are provided
Injection port unit: Split/splitless injection unit provided as standard
2 injection ports shall be heated simultaneously.
Mass Spectrometry Specifications
Mass range: M/z 1 to 1300
Resolution: R=1M (FWHM)
Scan rate: 14,500 u/sec max.
Direct connection with capillary column
Temperature: room temperature to 450?
Ion source: up to 450?
Dynamic range : 10e6
Maximum flow of He to MS : 18 ml/min
Stabilizer : 0.1 amu/48 hour
Temperature: 50 ~ 450?


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