Atomic FLourescence Spectrometer

Model Number: AFS200T

Hydride-Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (HG-AFS) is a new hyphenated analysis technology, developed from the perfect combination of hydride generation technology and non-dispersive atomic fluorescence spectrometry system. It can test elements which can form gaseous hydride such as AS, Sb, Bi, Se, Te, Pb, Sn, Ge and elements which can form volatile gaseous components such as Hg, Cd, Zn. HG-AFS has obtained great evaluation from analyzers domestic and abroad with its advantages such as simple structure, high sensitivity, little GC interference, wide linear range, fast analysis speed. AFS200T Double-channel Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer is elaborated by Skyray, using national patented technology and having own intellectual property right. Its well performance and complete functions can meet users’ comprehensive sample testing requirements.

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INDUSTRY: Construction - Soil, Cement, Concrete


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Measurable range: 11 elements such as As?Sb?Bi?Hg?Se?Te?Pb?Sn?Ge?Zn?Cd
As,Sb = 0.01ng/ml Hg = 0.001ng/ml
Typical detection limit: As,Sb = 0.01ng/ml Hg = 0.001ng/ml
Accuracy: Accuracy of typical elements = 1%
Linear range: more than three orders of magnitude
Non-dispersive optical system of simple structure can measure two elements at most.
Automatic controls such as lamp current, negative high voltage, peristaltic pump RPM; USB2.0.
With function of Ar gas flow auto control, the instrument can cut off Ar gas when stop working, convenient for users’ operation and saving gas source.
In-built device for flame observation is convenient for checking instrument running status.


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