AAS6000 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Model Number: AAS6000

AAS6000 Series are Single Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometers controlled and data processed by external computer and internal CPU chips. AAS6000 can be used to measure the concentration of macro, micro and trace metal elements and half-metal elements in various kinds of substances.
AAS6000 is provided with three reading methods Continuum, Retention and Peak Height for measuring absorbency, density and emission intensity. It has three signal modes: Atomic Absorption, Background Absorption and Background Correction Absorption, The reading time ranges from 0.5 s to 99s. AAS6000 include 8 computer controllable hollow cathode lamp holders. All working conditions of the instrument such as lamp number, lamp current, negative high voltage, working wavelength, slit, burner location, ignition/extinction and adjustment of burning ratio can be set by keyboard input. The functions of the instrument include automatic gain/ automatic zero, background correction, automatic energy balance, automatic peak location/wavelength scan, and automatic peak location on basis of the retrieval of peak values.

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