Spectrometer EDX3000

Model Number: EDX3000

The EDX3000 is an upgraded model from the EDX600 series. The EDX3000 is equipped with a SiPin Diode Detector and has the capabilities of testing all the elements from Sulfur - Uranium, however, it is mainly used for the analysis of precious metals. The precision increases from .1% to .05%. With new software developments, the EDX3000 is a universal tool for the precious metal industry.

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APPLICATION: X-ray Fluorescent Spectrometer

Case Dimension: .

Measurable Elements: From Sulfur to Uranium (76 Element Total)
Precision: 0.05% - .1% Deviation
Tube Voltage: 5 - 50KV
Test Time: 30 Seconds
Ambient Humidity: <71%
Ambient Temperature: -20°C - +50°C
Power Input: 110V AC or 220V AC


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