Model Number: Q-SUN B02

The Q-SUN B02 rotating rack xenon arc chamber was designed specifically to meet the ISO 105 B02 standard for textile lightfastness testing. After more than half a decade of successful sales around the world, the B02 tester has been discontinued in favor of an even more flexible model, the Q-SUN Xe-2.

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INDUSTRY: Automobile

APPLICATION: Weathering Testing

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n addition to running all of the Q-SUN B02-compatible test standards, the Q-SUN Xe-2 tester can also run almost all other international weathering and lightfastness standards. See the Xe-2 product page for more information.

Continuing with Q-Lab’s commitment to support our legacy testers in the field, Q-SUN B02 lamps, optical filters, replacement parts and expert troubleshooting and repair advice remain fully available to our valued customers around the world.

The Q-SUN B02 uses a single, 1800W air-cooled xenon arc lamp. Air-cooling significantly reduces operating and maintenance expenses over water-cooled lamp devices. Typical lamp life is 1500 hours. Changing the B02 lamp is quick and easy – it is easily accessible from the top of the tester. Replacement only requires the user to disconnect a simple plug connection, release two set screws, and remove the lamp housing.

Please use the following part number for replacement lamps:

X-1850 Q-SUN B02 air cooled xenon arc lamp, 1850 W

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