Cyclic corrosion testing provides the best possible laboratory simulation of natural atmospheric corrosion. Research indicates that cyclic corrosion testing results are similar to outdoor environments in resulting structure, morphology, and relative corrosion rates.

Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion chambers can perform traditional salt spray, Prohesion, and most cyclic automotive tests. They feature fully-adjustable relative humidity and precise control over ramp times. An optional shower function is also available. Q-FOG CRH chambers are available in two sizes to fulfill a wide range of testing requirements.

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APPLICATION: Weathering Testing

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The Q-FOG model CRH represents a true breakthrough in the price-performance ratio of corrosion testers with RH control. It can perform most major automotive corrosion test standards, such as GMW 14872, SAE J2334, and many others from Ford, ISO, GB/T, VW, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, etc.

The tester has all the features and advantages of the model CCT, but also adds full variable humidity control through the use of an innovative air pre-conditioner. Additionally, the CRH model includes an optional Shower Function. Spray droplets are much bigger, flow rates are much higher, and shower times are much shorter than the atomized mist in the Salt Fog Function. The CRH tester features an advanced cleaning feature for spray nozzles that prevents the clogging frequently found in competitive chambers.

Within one Q-FOG CRH chamber, it is possible to cycle through a series of the most significant corrosion environments. Even extremely complex test cycles can easily be programmed with the Q-FOG controller. See LF-8131 – Standards Met by Q-FOG Testers or visit our standards page for a detailed list of test methods met by the Q-FOG CRH chamber.

Models (also see Features Tab)

Q-FOG CRH600-HSC: conventional salt fog and Prohesion tests, humidity control, shower module, 640 liter chamber volume
Q-FOG CRH1100-HSC: conventional salt fog and Prohesion tests, humidity control, shower module, 1103 liter chamber volume


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