Rotational Viscometer ViscoQC 100

Model Number: ViscoQC 100

ViscoQC rotational viscometers ensure the quality of your substance – from liquid to semi-solid. Eliminate the risk of measurement errors and free up your time and budget with the simplest spindle exchange mechanism, automatic spindle detection, automatic speed searching function for new formulations, and more. All of these brilliant features have been developed to make your life easie

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INDUSTRY: Coating Industry - Powder, Paint, ED Paint


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ViscoQC 100L
• Single-point measurements on 3.5” color display
• Viscosity range from 1 mPa.s to 6,000,000 mPa.s
• 4 L spindles to measure low-viscosity samples (e.g. solvents, oils, and more)

ViscoQC 100R
• Single-point measurements on 3.5” color display
• Viscosity range from 6.4 mPa.s to 40,000,000 mPa.s
• 6 RH spindles to measure medium-viscosity samples (e.g. paints, dairy products, and more)

ViscoQC 100H
• Single-point measurements on 3.5” color display
• Viscosity range from 51.2 mPa.s to 320,000,000 mPa.s
• 6 RH spindles to measure high-viscosity samples (e.g. ointments, sauces, and more)



Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle Counter

The KD-LX dry Flocculation tester measures the amount of lint in the dry state of the nonwoven fabric according to the ISO 9073-10 method. The raw material nonwoven fabric and other textile materials can be subjected to dry flocculation experiments.?


Portable mask efficiency comparison test machine

It is used for non-woven filter materials, glass fiber filter materials, new filter materials, filter efficiency, resistance test, and mask tightness test. The test data of the product has been compared and tested by large-scale test equipment of well-known brands at home and abroad, and has high consistency. The product is highly recognized by the experts of the Cleanliness Association and the filter material industry manufacturers.


Micrometer Thickness Gage



Robust and comfortable to hold magnifying glass. The 2.5x magnification, combined with the strong LED illumination it’s an ideal tool for optical inspection of surfaces. The illumination is adjustable.

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