Unrestrained Linear Thermal Film Shrinkage Apparatus

Model Number: 46-07

Designed and manufactured by Ray-Ran, the Unrestrained Linear Thermal Film Shrinkage apparatus or more commonly referred to as the liquid immersion method, is used to determine the thermal shrinkage of plastic film & sheeting.

As a result of manufacturing processes, internal stresses may be locked into a film or sheet which can be released by heating which causes shrinkage of the material. The amount of shrinkage which takes place is dependent on the temperature during the test. The results are plotted on a graph showing percentage shrinkage against temperature.

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APPLICATION: Plastic/Paper/Packaging/Printing Testing

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Simple determination of Unrestrained Film Shrinkage
Liquid immersion method
Simple to operate
PID electronic temperature control
Resolution 0.1°C
PT100 PRT sensor accurate to 0.1°C
Integrated stirrer motor
Electronic timer HR:MIN:SEC
Stainless Steel liquid bath
Sample cutting template 100mm x 100mm
6 off Sample specimen holders (Stainless Steel)
1 year return to base warranty
Conforms to ASTM D2732
Net weight 25kg, width 50cm, depth 40cm, height 50cm


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