Thermal Aging Apparatus

Model Number: 46-04

The 6 Cell Thermal Ageing Apparatus has been designed by Ray-Ran to study the thermal endurance characteristics of polymer materials and their ageing process by passing a constant flow of heated air over individual test samples. At set time intervals, the test samples are removed and inspected for any deterioration or degradation, making the apparatus ideal for research and development labs and product design. Designed in accordance with BS 903, BS 6746, BS 5691 and ASTM E95 international test standards, the apparatus is extremely cost effective and very simple to use.

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APPLICATION: Plastic/Paper/Packaging/Printing Testing

Case Dimension: .

Integrated oil bath
Dual pump stirrer system
Digital temperature control
Oil tank capacity – 30 litres
6 off Individual stainless steel test cells
Test sample holders
50-500 cm3/min glass flow meter
Output flow rate meter
6 way switchable temperature indicator
Test cell hour counter
Certificate of calibration
1 year return to base warranty
Net weight 75kg, width 60cm, depth 60cm, height 65cm


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