Crease and Board Stiffness Tester

Model Number: CBT1

The Hanatek CBT1 Crease and Board Stiffness Tester gives board manufacturers, printers and packing companies the ability to predict the 'runability' of a sample board or finished carton.

The instrument measures crease folding force at 90°, board stiffness at 15° and requires no external software for operation. It automatically calculates the crease to board stiffness ratio for instant indication as to whether the material will run correctly on a high speed packaging machine.

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APPLICATION: Plastic/Paper/Packaging/Printing Testing

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The CBT1 crease stiffness tester features independently operated jaws are rotated through pre-defined angles, 90º for crease testing and 15º for board stiffness.

Automatic Dwell Time
15 second measurement delay to eliminate operator variability (according to BS 6965).

Automatically Calculates Stiffness / Crease Ratio
Results calculated and displayed instantly on screen. No additional software is required for data analysis. BS 6965 advises that optimum running cartons should have a ratio between 1.5 and 3 (machine direction) and 3 and 7 (cross direction)Automatic Calculation of Statistics
Full statistics are displayed for both crease recovery and board stiffness

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