Model Number: VF2095

Density or specific gravity (SG) is affected by entrapped air bubbles in the liquid under test. The TQC VF2095 SG-cup has a fixed internal volume of 100 ml. which is to be compressed by the mechanism of the density cup.

After rotation, agitation or dispersion gas and air can be entrapped within the material. Under pressure the air will dissolve better into the liquid and any bubbles that are left undissolved will be compressed to a fraction of their original size.Density of the liquid is defined at a very high level of repeatability by weighing.

The TQC Pressure density cup can easily be taken apart to allow easy cleaning.

EN ISO 2811-4. Look up the appropriate standard for a correct execution of the test. The test may only be carried out if all parts of the pressure density cup have an identic serial number.

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APPLICATION: Physical Test Equipment






-Model : VF2095
-Dimensions: LxWxH – 250x 90 x 50mm / 9,8×3,5×2,0 inch
-Weight: Pressure density cup: 875 g / 1,93 lbs Cup,
-holder, brushes: 1750 g / 3,86 lbs
-Material: Stainless steel
-Compression: 10bar Volume 100ml*
-Accuracy: Valve: +/- 1 bar Volume: +/-1ml
-*The calibration certificate describes the exact volume

• Minimizes the effect of entrapped air bubbles
• High level of repeatability
• Easy to clean SCOPE OF SUPPLY
• Pressure density cup 100 ml
• Desktop holder
• Brush 25 mm and 40 mm
• Calibration certificate

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