Personal Bioreactor with Cooling

Model Number: RTS-1C

The Grant-bio RTS-1C is personal bioreactor with cooling which provides “Reverse-Spin” type of agitation and logging of microbial growth in 50 ml tubes in real time.

RTS-1C including TubeSpin® Bioreactor 50, TPP®, 20 pcs.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry


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Innovative mixing due to reverse spinning of the sample around its own axis
Due to innovative mixing technology it is possible to measure optical density of the probe in real time
Software has been developed to store, display and analyse the data in real time
Compact device with low profile and small footprint for personal application
Temperature control allows use as an incubator, e.g. for cell growth
Active cooling and temperature profiling via software
The ability to change parameters such as temperature, RPM and “Reverse-Spin” frequency, allows to achieve consistency and reproducibility of results
Programmable Cycling/profiling of cultivation parameters such as temperature, RPM, “Reverse-Spin” frequency
The ability to remotely monitor the process of cultivation while home or using a mobile phone
Software features:

Real–Time cell growth logging
3D graphical representation of OD or growth rate over time over unit
Pause option
Save/Load option
Report option: PDF and Excel
Connect up to 12 units simultaneously to 1 computer
Remote monitoring option (requires internet connection)
Cycling/Profiling options
User calibration options for any microorganism


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