Liquid nitrogen free and cryogen free controlled rate freezer

Model Number: CRF-1

Liquid nitrogen free and cryogen free controlled rate freezer for research into the cryopreservation of a wide range of material including: embryos, stem cells, mammalian cells, spermatozoa, antibodies, tissue sections and rodent organs. The CRF-1 brings accuracy, precision and reproducibility to biological cryopreservation.

Unlike conventional liquid nitrogen based controlled rate cooling equipment, the CRF-1 poses no contamination risk and can be used in cleanrooms and barrier facilities. The CRF1 fits neatly and quietly on a bench-top and its performance in terms of cell viability after freezing is comparable or better than standard liquid nitrogen freezers. As alcohol is not used, there is also no potential fire risk. The CRF-1 will cool down to -100°C with straws.

The cooling rate of the CRF-1 is precisely controlled, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility throughout the freezing profile, especially for the important nucleation/seeding phase. This ensures optimal recovery of cells upon thawing. Operation is simple and can be carried out with or without a PC; data can be logged via PC software and cooling profiles are directly displayed. Different cooling profiles are available from a drop down menu and customised profiles can be written.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry


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Accurate and reproducible control of cooling rates and sample temperatures
Easy to use and samples can be nucleated/seeded in-situ
Linear and non-linear cooling profiles
Low running costs: estimated at 1% of liquid nitrogen controlled rate freezing
Temperature remains at -100°C at the end of cycle for straw applications until freezer is switched off
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): complete cycle run if power fails (supplied as an optional accessory)
CE marked (laboratory use)
Servicing and calibration available
3 year warranty

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