High Speed Shaker/Vortex Mixer -MPS-1

Model Number: MPS-1

An economical solution that takes up very little bench space, for all high-speed shaking and vortex mixing of plates and tubes from 0.2ml through to 50ml. Efficient mixing of difficult samples - compact pellets, small or viscous samples.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry


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Very competitive market price vs. specification
Shaker / vortex mixer combined
Safe in humid environments
LCD 2 line display of set and actual values
Can be used in cold rooms and incubators
Grant renowned technical and service support
Very small footprint
Quiet < 50dB
Timer with alarm
Adjustable rpm or 4 presets
2 year Warranty
Available as unit only, MPS-1, or unit plus inserts, MPS-1K.


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