Dry Block Heaters / Thermostats-PCH Series Personal Benchtop Cooler / Heater

Model Number: PCH Series Personal Benchtop Cooler / Heater

The Grant bio PCH-1/PCH-2/PCH-3 personal benchtop cooler/heaters are ideal for laboratory applications requiring cooling and heating in microtubes within the temperature setting range of - 10°C to +100°C. The PCH cooler/heaters enable a stable temperature to be maintained during room temperature fluctuations.

The ingenious block construction, combined with a powerful Peltier module, produces very rapid cooling and heating for swift change of application and increased flexibility. In addition, the Peltier effect produces efficient cooling and heating for small thermal loads without the use of a refrigeration system. The dry temperature control system maintains a clean working environment, reducing the chance of contamination or sample dilution. A Peltier system, without the vibration of refrigeration or the turbulence of a waterbath, is also ideal for all incubations where stable conditions are critical.

The PCH is a very effective tool for DNA sample preparation for denaturing electrophoresis. The exceptionally rapid heat up enables the denaturation temperature of 95°C to be reached swiftly, the timer will signify denaturation time-up, and the samples can be rapidly cooled again ready to load the gels.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry


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Cooling/heating setting range from - 10ºC to 100°C, with very rapid cool down and heat-up times
Stability ± 0.1°C, uniformity ± 0.1°C
Choice of two models; capacity for up to 32 microtubes in a combination of two sizes:12 x 1.5 ml plus 20 x 0.5 ml (PCH-1) or up to 20 microtubes of one size: 20 x 1.5 ml tubes (PCH-2), up to a total of 20 x 2 ml microtubes (PCH-3)
Convenient integral reaction timer with audible alarm
Dry temperature control system maintains a clean and vibration-free working environment
A 2-line LCD display clearly indicates both set and actual values for temperature and time. Works in combination with simple push buttons for easy set-up.
Flexible tube sizes and rapid heat-up/cool-down times enables swift change of application


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