Dry Block Heaters / Thermostats

Model Number: BTD

Digital dry block heating system for microtubes
Grant block heating system with fixed block is designed for rapid and precise heating of microtubes up to 100ºC.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry


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Digital temperature control for optimum precision
Heating range ambient + 5ºC to 100ºC
Powerful heater for rapid heat-up times - 25ºC to 100ºC in just 15 minutes, 25ºC to 37ºC in just 4 minutes
Stability ± 0.1ºC, uniformity ± 0.2°C
Heating block holds combinations of four microtube sizes simultaneously - up to a total of 49 tubes: 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml, 15 x 0.5 ml, 10 x 0.2 ml
Flexible tube sizes and rapid heat-up time enables swift change of application
Convenient integral timer for time-sensitive incubations
Sturdy, durable, easy-to-clean plastic construction; compact design with small footprint
2-line display for simple and precise setting of temperature/time and for monitoring current status during operation
The Grant BTD is a compact and flexible digital dry block heating system ideal for the rapid and precise heating of microtubes up to 100ºC. The distinctive circular block holds a combination of four microtube sizes simultaneously, and rapid heat up enables swift change of application - for maximum flexibility. The aluminium block is housed in a compact, stylish plastic moulding, which is durable, sturdy and easy to clean.


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