Semiautomatic Cobb Tester

Model Number: RL-SAC-A

The Rycolab RL-SAC-A if used to determine the water and oil absorption capacity of paper. The Cobb equipment allows you to measure the liquid amount that penetrates in a paper sheet. It is the calculated weight of the absorbed liquid in a specified time per 1 m2 of paper

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APPLICATION: Paper testing

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Unger type Cobb equipment.
Sample test area 100 cm2
Valid for water and oil.
Timer with automatic audible alerts for start, pre-notice and end of test alarms.(batteries included)
The cylinder vessel can be turned over for better immersion of the sample.
Manufactured under standard specifications.
Integrated pressure roller with a mass of 10 ± 0,5 Kg, standard specification.
Glass vessel bottom to view absorption.
Stainless steel construction.
Includes cutting template and pad for ease of sample preparation.
CE mark


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