Burst Strength Tester

Model Number: BT-21

The BT-21 determines the bursting strength
for the quality control (QC) and research
and development (R&D) of paper, board and
corrugated board. The new and modern
design is ideal for the use of light and resistant
materials, it also offers user friendly and secure
The BT-21 features steel frame body, strain
gauge pressure transducer, pneumatic clamping
system for the sample, built-in hydraulic
system for the diaphragm, quick connector for
calibration, built-in electronics and exclusive
testing software.
The built-in software offers options for a complete
or basic test. The complete test presents options
to statistical calculation, calculation of bursting
strength, bursting index and absolute bursting
strength. During the test the wide LCD display
shows a graphic of the evolution of the test and
after its conclusion indicates automatically the
maximum strength of the tested material.
The BT-21 also provides memory storage of
results, search function by date, operator or
material and a thermal printer built-in to the
equipment enables printing of reports and

Qty :

INDUSTRY: Packaging

APPLICATION: Paper & Packing Inst

Case Dimension: 1

BT-21P (from 70 to 1300 kPa)
This tester is ideal for testing paper and lightweight material.

BT-21C (from 350 to 5500 kPa)
This tester is ideal for testing paperboard,corrugated board, and heavy-weight materials.

Measuring Range
BT-21P - 70 to 1300 kPa
BT-21C - 350 to 5500 kPa

Resolution :0.01 kPa

Clamping Pressure
BT-21P - 430 kPa
BT-21C - 690 kPa

Hydraulic system rate of fl ow
BT-21P - 95 ±5 mL/min
BT-21C - 170 ±15 mL/min

Elasticity of the Diaphragm
BT-21P - 30 ±10 kPa/9mm
BT-21C - 195 ±25 kPa/10mm


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