RO-TAP® Test Sieve Shaker

Model Number: RX-29 / RX-30

RX-29 and RX-30 Models
The industry standard in test sieve shakers, W.S. Tyler’s RO-TAP® has a unique two-dimensional operation:
A horizontal, circular motion and a vertical, tapping motion. This special action allows material particles to stratify and “seek” critical openings in the test media. This unit provides the most accurate and consistent particle analysis testing.

The RX-29 model is designed for testing with 8" diameter test sieves;
the RX-30 model is designed for testing with 12" diameter test sieves.

Requires minimal maintenance
Heavy-duty use
Features 99 minute digital timer/clock, tolerance, 0.1 second
Each unit is test run and serialized prior to shipment

For more information, download leaflet for full product guide.

Qty :

INDUSTRY: Pharmaceutical

APPLICATION: Paint Testing

Case Dimension: 1

Testing Applications — RX-29 - 2" down through 635 mesh (20 micron)
Testing Applications — RX-30 - 4" down through 500 mesh (25 micron)
Oscillations per Minute - 278±10
Oscillations Displacement- 1-1/8" x 7/16"
Taps per Minute - 150±10


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