Valley Laboratory Beater

Model Number: Laboratory Pulp Beater

A Valley-type beater for beating pulps under standardized laboratory conditions. Pulp fibers in aqueous suspension pass between a set of stationary and rotating metal bars under controlled conditions of rate and pressure. The beater may be used to produce pulp samples at increasing degrees of beating, from free to wet, which may then be formed into laboratory hand sheets for physical property measurements. Thus it is possible to assess the paper making potential of pulps without the necessity of full-scale trials

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Case Dimension: .

Capacity: 23 Litres
Pulp container is made of stainless steel sus 304
Maximum Sample Weight 690 grams
Normal Pulp Consistency 1.57%
Beater roll Speed 500rpm
Flybar and Bedbar Material: SsUS 304
Bedbar Material: SUS 304
Beater Container Base: Cast Iron FC25
Drive Motor: 1 HP x 3PH 220V/50Hz
Frame: Steel SS41
Dimension: 65 x 95 x 97 cm (25 x 37.5 x 38 in)
Weight: About 200 kgs. (441 lbs)
Meets Method: ISO 5264-1


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