PosiTest OTL

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Oven Temperature Logger
The PosiTest OTL Oven Temperature Logger with included barrier
box and holder is ideal for measuring oven temperature profiles.

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Simple, easy-to-use interface
6 K-type thermocouple ports (channels)
Measures and records up to 40,000 datasets (240,000 readings) in
up to 6 batches
Records measurements every 2 seconds for up to 22 hours of
recording time
Download, view, and analyze batch data using PosiSoft Desktop software.
Export .CSV files for easy import into spreadsheets.
Bright LEDs indicate logger status at a glance
High temperature stainless steel barrier box with fiberglass insulation for
long run times at high temperatures. Contains no silicone.
Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST included


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