oxygen permeability tester

Model Number: Y310 2.0

Y310 is suitable for packaging materials such as high barrier film, co-extruded film, aluminum foil, aluminized film, infusion bag, sheet, coated film, solar backsheet, cellophane, ceramic flake ; Configuration accessories also apply to bottles, bags, cans and other containers of oxygen permeability barrier test.

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1 temperature control: the use of international advanced electromagnetic temperature control technology, step-by-step procedures can easily control the temperature rise and fall, without external accessories, temperature control accuracy to the nearest 0.1 ?.
2 Humidity Control: Adopt double air flow humidity control, large control humidity range, high precision, humidity and flow stability, to avoid the plug-in humidity lead to the device bulky, fault and more shortcomings.
3 instruments with standard gas calibration and standard membrane correction of two correction methods, automatic judgment, automatic shutdown.
4 a variety of automatic protection features: leaks, over-range testing, power outage data is automatically saved, misuse tips.
5 software is simple, automatic testing process. Transmission rate, oxygen concentration, humidity, temperature and other parameters automatically curve curve, continuous display. Can monitor the mutual influence between parameters, can monitor the testing process.
6 functions Modular, set, test, baseline, calibration, reporting and other functions independent of each other, a good data analysis capabilities, the operation is very convenient.
7 fast test function, suitable for product evaluation test.
8 built-in independent control system, you can run independently from the computer test.
9 Two test chambers can independently and cross-test three different samples for efficient testing.
10 host external USB for software upgrades, data backup and troubleshooting.
Technical Parameters :
Test range: 0.02 ~ 16500 cm3 / (m2 • 24h) (through the mask can test 260000 cm3 / (m2 • day)
Oxygen resolution: 0.001 cm3 / (m2 • 24h)
Temperature range: 15 ? ~ 45 ? (5 ? ~ 50 ? optional)
Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 ?
Humidity range: 0% RH, 30 ~ 90% RH
Humidity control accuracy: ± 2% RH
Number of samples: 3
Number of sensors: 3
Sample thickness: = 2mm
Pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.2MPa
Sample size: F100mm, through the area of ??50.24cm2
Test environment: 23 ?
Carrier gas connection: 1/8 inch
Dimensions: 700mm × 585mm × 400mm
Power: AC 220V 50HZ
Weight: 80KG
Power: 750W

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