Micro GripTester for Helidecks

Model Number: GRIPTESTER®

The Micro GripTester is designed for use on highways (roads) and also on pedestrian areas; there is also a version available for testing helidecks on oil production platforms (helidecks). Both versions are the same price – with different design and software and the µGT for Helidecks weighs less than the version for highways.

The Micro GripTester is supplied with a fully comprehensive user manual; it is straightforward to operate and doesn’t require any special skills to operate it. It doesn’t require any user calibration.
• One-man operation (weight < 21Kg)
• Continuous measurement (every mm)
• Self-wetting
• Stable
• Same measuring principle as GripTester for roads and airports and helidecks
• Same Measuring Tire as GripTester
• Integrated GPS
• No user calibration required

Micro GripTester Benefits
• One man operation
• Continuous measurements (every 48mm)
• Suitable for inclines, bends and cambers
• Reduced test time
• Integrated GPS
• Touch screen
• Portable (Compact size, <21kg)
• Data downloadable to internal memory or USB stick

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INDUSTRY: Oil, Gas & Petroleum


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Micro GripTester for Helidecks :

The Micro GripTester for Helidecks is supplied with the 7th Edition of the CAP437 software suitable for testing helidecks

In summary, the major changes to CAP437 that are reflected in the software update from 7th Edition to 8th Edition are:

- Select Survey Authority Type – CAP 437 8th Edition Fixed Deck, CAP 437 8th Edition Mobile Deck, Standard Survey
o Users should be able to choose what type of helideck they surveyed using a dropdown menu type option. This will then tell the software what set of Thresholds to apply to the data. It should also be clearly stated in the report generated what type of helideck was surveyed and the associated thresholds applied.

- Highlight areas where two Adjacent 1m2 Areas are below Threshold
o CAP 437 states that where two “No two adjacent 1 m squares should achieve less than the average surface friction value”. This should be highlighted to the user as an on-screen warning but not detailed in the generated report

- Testing of in-deck Lighting System
o Remove data from in-deck Lighting system

- Survey of Aluminium Helideck apply Type-approval co-efficient

o Allows users to apply the co-efficient generated by Type-approval testing to all results generated when carrying out in-situ surveying of non-painted aluminium helidecks

As surface friction testing helidecks has become mandatory under UKCAA regulations, CAP 437. It is imperative that helideck operators and maintenance teams have the correct equipment in order to comply with the regulations. Micro GripTester is the perfect device that meets all the legislation.


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