Intelligent Robotic Working Station

Model Number: Intelligent Robotic Working Station

The robot automatically completes the loading and unloading, realizes the rapid automatic coating film, greatly improves the reproducibility and efficiency of the coating, and obtains the uniform coating film in physical properties, appearance and chemical properties. All kinds of instability caused by the factors such as velocity, pressure and direction in the coating process were eliminated, and a high precision testing result was provided for testing rheological properties, wear resistance and hiding power of the material.


? Data wireless real time encryption transmission

? Automatic measurement

? Intelligence: Enable to realize automatic batch coating test, remote control, data sharing, various control methods, mobile APP in direct view control

? Wide application: paint, ink, packaging, printing, cosmetics and other industries

? Intelligent Terminal Control System Interface: Robot and Automatic Film Applicator automatically link BEVS intelligent system terminal, realize data sharing, big data access and automatic processing analysis.

? System Network Interface: Enable to view the monitoring system status, communication parameter setting etc.

? Data transfer to PC in real time.

Qty :

INDUSTRY: Steel, Sheet Metal & Strip Manufacturers


Case Dimension: .

Technical Specification:

? Robot specification

? Automatic Film Applicator specification

Speed: 10-300m/s

Stroke length: 10-360mm

Panel size: max. A3(420x300mm)

Platform: vacuum

Applicator: single/two/four sided applicator, cube/adjustable applicator, bar coater

? Paint supply: automatic

? Electricity, compressed air requirements

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 2.5KW

Air pressure: 0.5Mpa

? Operation environment

Temperature: 0-45?

Humidity: 20-80% RH

? Vibration: <4.9mm/s

? Dimension: L1100 x W1100 x H1200mm

Net weight: 250kg

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