Impact Tester

Model Number: Impact Tester

BEVS Impact Tester is used to make the reliable evaluation of coatings resistance by simulating actual impact condition.A free falling object impacts coated surface and lead to craze in the substrate,test the destroy degree of crazing.

Most of coating in protective field must be carried out the impact test, such as painting, plating, plastic, varnish, resin, compound, coil coating, sheet and metal material etc.

Instrument including:

?Sturdy substrate to connect tube frame
?Different falling weight
?Clamp ring to adjust the falling weight
?Up and down
?A graduated tube

Qty :

INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry


Case Dimension: .

Technical Specification:

BEVS 1601/1 Impact Tester
?Comply with ASTM D2794
?Falling weight: 8.9N (2 Lbs)
?Indenter diameter :15.9 mm
?Die diameter :16.3 mm
?Tuber height: 63.6 cm

BEVS 1601/2 Impact Tester
?Comply with ASTM D2794,BS6496
?Falling weight: 17.9 N (4 Lbs)
?Indenter diameter: 15.9 mm
?Die diameter: 16.3 mm
?Tuber height: 101.7cm

BEVS 1601/3 Impact Tester
?Comply with BS3900, DIN55669, ISO6272
?Falling mass:1 kg
?Indenter diameter:20 mm
?Die diameter:27 mm
?Tuber height:100 cm

BEVS 1601/5 Impact Tester
?Comply with GB/T 1732
?Impact height:1 m
?Tube division scale:1 cm
?Falling weight:1 kg
?Indenter dia:8 mm
?Die diameter:15 mm
?Impact depth: 2 mm

BEVS 1601/4 Impact Tester
?Comply with GB/T 1732
?Impact height:50 cm
?Tube division scale :1 cm
?Falling mass:1 kg
?Indenter dia:8 mm
?Die diameter:15 mm
?Impact depth: 2 mm

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