Dynamic Absorption Tester

Model Number: 68-96 DAT

Contact angle measurement is an empirical tool for understanding the wetting between a liquid and a substrate. The DAT Dynamic Absorption Tester offers a range of integrated instruments, for research as well as quality control. These instruments enable real-time, automatic analysis at full video speed of the interaction between a liquid droplet and a specimen surface. The time-dependent wetting and liquid penetration correlates to many experienced production problems in surface coating, sizing, printing and adhesion.

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Fully automatic, integrated system
Exchangeable automatic feed systems
Captures 50 to 1,000 images per second
Optional Tilt Table
High precision pump accurate within 0.1 ┬Ál
Precision pulse system for gentle drop application
Drop application synchronised within 1 msec
Calibration with ISO certificate
Full compliance with test methods TAPPI T558 & ASTM D-5725
Software for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (2 & 64 bit OS)


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