Drying Time Recorder

Model Number: BEVS1815

BEVS Drying Time Recorder is used for the test of drying time or gel behavior of a variety of paints and coatings. It has the characteristics of intuition and good reproducibility, and can accurately evaluate drying time in all stages. Initiative design of touch screen control,customized user-defined start time and test time ,make the operation more intuitive and simple.

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Technical Specification:

?Dimension: 550×530×200 mm
?The number of tracks:10
?Length of strips: 300 mm
?Driver:5 sets of motors, 2 track / motor
?Drying Time:
-Standard track: 6,12,24,48 hours;
-Customized track (track 1):
Except the standard time, the user can customize the start and test time.
?Function reset during the testing:
During the test, user can change the test time and re-start again.


ASTM D5895

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