Cold Flex Temperature Tester

Model Number: Cold Flex Temperature Tester

Designed and built by Ray-Ran, the Cold Flex Tester determines how low temperatures affect the torsional stiffness properties of flexible materials, including polyvinyl chloride extrusion compounds, by measuring the temperature at which a test specimen is twisted through a known angular displacement using a pulley system by a specified torque. The apparatus complies with BS2782: Part 1: Method 104B, ISO458/1, 458/2 and ASTM D1043 International Test Standards.

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Measures apparent torsional modulus of elasticity
Integrated low temperature bath
PID electronic temperature control
Resolution 0.1°C
PT100 PRT sensor accurate to 0.1°C
Integrated stirrer motor
Stainless steel clamping mechanism
Low friction bearing assembly
Integrated radial dial indicator (degrees)
Torque load weights supplied
1 year return to base warranty
110v 60Hz – 240v 50Hz, 10 amp
Complies with BS2782: Part 1: Method 104B, ISO458/1 & 458/2 ASTM D1043
Net weight 15kg, width 30cm, depth 45cm, height 40cm


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