Bekk Smoothness Tester

Model Number: 58-05

The Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for the determination of smoothness of paper and board according to the Bekk Method.

This air leak smoothness test is useful for very smooth surfaces, for example, coated label papers, coated free sheet, or other very smooth papers. Test results generate with the Bekk tester have shown excellent correlation with print smoothness evaluations using offset ink. Likewise, Bekk results have shown good agreement with subjective evaluations of low angle illuminated surface photomicrographs. Surface integrity is particularly important for printing papers. The surface fibers must be sufficiently bonded to those beneath the surface and the coating bond to the fiber matrix must be sound.

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Case Dimension: .

Estimated Test Result: Approx. 10 seconds
Menu Selectable: Air volumes, Pressure interval
Data collection: RS-232 C serial data output
Display: Large black & white liquid crystal graphic high-contrast
Calibrations: using Paper tabs
Pressure Interval: 50.66-48.00 and 50.66-29.33 kPa
Range: 0-99,000


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