Automatic Film Applicator

Model Number: BEVS1811

BEVS Automatic Film Applicators are made with high precision machined components, sturdy mainframe and heavy duty power train assembly, to ensure long term reliable operation. Consistent drawdown conditions such as speed, flatness, combined with applicator gap and geometry are essential elements to obtain perfectly reproducible samples, eliminating human error and uncertainty.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry


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Electrically Heated Vacuum Bed
BEVS automatic vacuum applicator is also available with an electrically heated vacuum
bed. The bed temperature can be set from ambient +5°C to + 150°C and temperature is
uniform over the whole bed.
> Minimum temperature: Ambient +5ºC
> Maximum temperature: +150ºC
> Temperature accuracy: 1ºC

Automatic Film Applicator

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