Model Number: SP0050

Imperfections or problems found during inspections of coating work usually require attention of second or third parties after they have been found.

A second opinion of the paint supplier, witnessing of counter parties or just the attention of a repair crew. In each case it is important the above mentioned spots are easily found back, also when the original inspector is not around anymore.

Large structures such a ships, bridges and steel construction but also poorly lit area’s such as tanks can cause problems in that respect. How, for example, would you describe the exact location of a number of small pinholes, hardly visible (or even non-visible) with the naked eye in a 5000 square meter tank bottom

For record keeping often pictures of the problems found are being taken. Including the TQC CDI label in the photograph retrieves immediately the dimensions of the defects and the writable area on the label offers the possibility to add extra information to the photograph.

In a serial production environment the CDI labels can be used to identify parts for rework or scrap.

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APPLICATION: Optical Inspection






-Model : SP0050

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