Model Number: MTX

The Delmhorst Moisture Transmitters measure moisture in wood or other hygroscopic materials in conjunction with any Delmhorst electrode and generate either a current (MTX-C) or voltage output (MTX-V). The transmitters do not have a display. They use a 4-wire transmission method. DC voltage is brought powers the unit by a separate wire from the wire used to carry the voltage or current output.

The transmitters are ideally suited for applications requiring continuous monitoring of moisture in hygroscopic materials and interfacing the sensor to a data logger or a computer. The transmitters are housed in an ABS wall-mounted case for easy mounting near the sensor or in a control room.

Contact our customer service team to determine if the MTX can be calibrated to your specific wood species or other product.

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-Model : MTX
-Moisture range - 6% - 60% wood (Douglas Fir)
-One input
-D.C. current 4 to 20mA or Voltage 1-5 VDC, or 0-2VDC
-Power supply with D.C. voltage between 15 - 30 volts
-Minimum supply current of 500mA
-Operating temperature range of 32F - 158F / 0C - 70C
-Dimensions - 3.25"" X 3.25"" X 1.25"" (Mounting base 4.25"" X 3.295"")
-Terminals - 2.5 mm (Center Positive) power jack for Power Input, Terminal Strip, and UHF connector for Moisture Input


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