Concrete Moisture (RH) Meter

Model Number: PosiTector CMM IS

PosiTector® CMM IS
In Situ Concrete Moisture (RH) Meter
PosiTector CMM IS probes and free mobile app guide users through the ASTM F2170 documentation criteria. View and record readings directly with your Apple or Android smart device or PosiTector DPM Advanced gage
Easily collect and report relative humidity and temperature in concrete floor slabs in conformance with ASTM F2170
No need to open the hole or remove the cap. Probes remain powered on and broadcasting via Bluetooth while in situ for up to three weeks.
Combined sleeve and probe design simplifies the installation process and does not require consumables
Reusable Smart Probes
Fast response precision sensors provide accurate, repeatable readings
Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST included (Long Form)

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INDUSTRY: Coating Industry - Powder, Paint, ED Paint


Range Accuracy Resolution
Temperature 0° to 80° C ± 0.5° C 0.1° C
32° to 175° F ± 1° F 0.1° F
Humidity 10 to 90% ± 2%* 0.1%
> 90% ± 3%* 0.1%


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