Concrete Moisture Meter non-destructively with ASTM F2659

Model Number: PosiTest CMM

The PosiTest CMM Concrete Moisture Meter is the fast, non-destructive impedance meter ideal for inspectors looking to quickly evaluate the moisture condition in concrete slabs.
Easy-to-read digital display takes the guesswork out of analog scales
Storage of 200 readings—stored readings can be viewed or downloaded
Innovative Hold Max and Save Mode waits for the reading to stabilize, then automatically saves it into memory
Built-in threaded mounting point for the optional Telescopic Extender to ergonomically measure without bending or kneeling
Weatherproof, dustproof, and water-resistant—IP65-rated enclosure
Conforms to ASTM F2659

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INDUSTRY: Construction - Soil, Cement, Concrete


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