Portable mask efficiency comparison test machine

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It is used for non-woven filter materials, glass fiber filter materials, new filter materials, filter efficiency, resistance test, and mask tightness test. The test data of the product has been compared and tested by large-scale test equipment of well-known brands at home and abroad, and has high consistency. The product is highly recognized by the experts of the Cleanliness Association and the filter material industry manufacturers.

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Test efficiency range:20%-99.999%@=0.3µm Test area:100cm²
Test pressure range:0-1000pa±1.5% ,
Tested filter test flow:15-120L/min±2.5%(Programmable system automatic adjustment) Test aerosol type:Atmospheric dust (in line with the actual use environment of the mask) Temperature and humidity monitoring:
Humidity range: 0-100% RH, temperature range: -40 ? -125 ?
Counter sampling flow:2.83L/min ±5%
Particle size display:=0.3um(0.5,1.0,3.0,5.0,10um selectable)
Counter laser light source: Laser diode
air pump:Low noise and continuous work stability
Counter Verification Standard:GB/T6167-2007,JJF1190-2008 Relative repeatability error:<±10%
Count particle size distribution error:<±30%
Data memory capacity:1-5000 sets of measurement data can be exported printing method:Built-in thermal printer

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