Mobile Atomizing Humidification And Disinfection Equipment

Model Number: KG100

For disinfection of large spaces. Removable aerosol disinfection and sterilization equipment, manual and automatic control, timing and quantitative spraying, adjustable spray volume Suitable for hospitals, campuses, stations, airports, and other large public places.
Under the action of compressed air, the medicinal solution is spouted from the nozzle to form aerosol ions of 2 to 10 ┬Ám, which quickly and fully integrates in the ambient air; kills pathogenic microorganisms in the air, and realizes a full range of dead space-free disinfection of the environmental space. Sterile environment. The sterilized objects will not form dew condensation and form droplets.

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Super-capacity aerosol generation system, aerosol does not dew, and has good sterilization effect;No external air supply required;
In addition to the built-in medicine tank, it can be connected to the pipeline to achieve continuous spray disinfection;
Equipped with manual spray gun for easy use;
The control panel is a 7-inch electronic screen with touch operation, and there are corresponding indicators when each function is running;
Optional dual nozzles for rapid disinfection in large spaces;
Can set spray volume and spray time according to space size.


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