Facial Mask Flame Retardant Tester

Model Number: GB-ZR10

GB-ZR10 is mainly used to test the combustion performance of a mask after it contacts the flame at a certain linear speed. It is a special test instrument for the flame retardancy of a mask.

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1. PLC + touch screen control system; make the test more convenient, operation and visualization.
2. The mask fixture is a metal human head mold, which can fully simulate the actual use of the mask.
3. Burner height is adjustable.
4, burner positioning automatically.
5. Burning time and flame retardant time are automatically recorded and displayed digitally.
6. Equipped with flame temperature measuring probe and flame temperature display.
7, automatic control system, automatic ignition.
8. The burner is equipped with a combustible gas interface such as propane (liquefied gas).
9, automatic timing, automatic storage of test data, easy to retrieve experimental reports.
10. Equipped with flame temperature measurement and detection therm couple

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