Ethylene oxide gas chromatography

Model Number: 9802-K

9802-K Ethylene oxide gas chromatography comes with reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, simple operation and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in the production and scientific research departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, pesticide, medicine and hygiene, commodity inspection, environment protection, college and so on. It is to detect organic solvents, the solvent residue of printed packaging materials and the purity or content of a single solvent.

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Product Feature
Economical and practical, excellent performance and quality.
Adjustable gas circuit pressure, stable flow, with multiple gas circuit system of nitrogen, hydrogen, air, exhaust, shunt , cleaning.
LCD screen displays temperature in real time.
Cellular overall structure design, convenient to install and maintenance.
Advanced noise resistant system, work quietly.
Over-temperature protection function, with program protection and circuit protection double insurance.
With data workstation, professional software support and powerful data analysis function.
Display working condition and chromatogram curves; curves can be zoomed and moved.
Professional test report, can export PDF file.
Manual button switch, its function is equal to “start collecting”, which is convenient for sampling.
Easy to operate detector and baseline calibration.


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