Blocking dry microorganisms from penetrating experimental system

Model Number: KD-1070

The experimental system of blocking dry microorganisms penetration consists of the air source generation system, detection body, protection system, control system, etc., which is used to test the penetration of blocking dry microorganisms on the operation sheet, operating gown and clean clothing.

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1) Negative pressure test system, equipped with fan exhaust system and high efficiency filter, to ensure the safety of operators;
2) Special operation software, with software parameter calibration, fault detection automatic protection function;
3) Industrial high brightness color touch screen;
4) Cabinet built-in high brightness floodlight
5) Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators
6) Cabinet inner layer of stainless steel integral processing molding, the outer layer of spray cold rolled plate,
7) Insulation between inner and outer layers, flame retardant;
8) Front opening and closing glass door, easy for experimenter to observe and operate; 9)Detachable bracket, easy to handle;
10)Supporting and moving dual purpose casters.


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