Paste Ink Proofer

Model Number: P A S T E I N K P R O O F E R (P I P)

The RK instrument for quick, repeatable and highly accurate
proofing and colour-matching of all types of litho, weboffset, letterpress inks and varnishes. The Paste Ink Proofer
is unique in featuring automated operation, eliminating the need to weigh or measure ink samples.

* Accurate proofs produced in a single operation
* No messy weighing or measuring of inks, unlike other proofers
* Two inks may be proofed simultaneously for comparison
* Inking/cleaning cycle completed in only 2-3 minutes
* Multiple proofs easily obtained using any substrate
* Reduces press down time

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INDUSTRY: Printing & Ink

APPLICATION: Ink & Other Coating

Case Dimension: .

Substrate size : 124mm wide x 300mm long
Print size : 75mm x 245mm (Max)
Speed range : 5-40m/min
Printing pressure : 0-150 Newtons/cm
Blanket roller : 70° shore hardness, suitable for all types of paste inks

The PIP has many applications. It is an essential tool for both ink makers and printers, providing the simplest
method of producing high quality proofs. These proofs may be used for computer colour matching data, customer
samples, or to test for colour, gloss, opacity, penetration, drying, set off, rub and abrasion resistance. Pigment and
other raw material suppliers will find the PIP invaluable for assessing their products.

The ink film on the blanket roller is accurately metered by a screen engraved on the inking roller. The inking roller has a polished ceramic surface that is covered in uniform cells that have been engraved using a laser. The number and depth of these cells are accurately controlled and contain a constant volume of ink. The following table gives the approximate ink film weight applied when using a typical offset ink.

All inking rollers are supplied with a proof and a record of the actual film applied using a typical offset ink. Inking rollers to give other ink films may be made to order. The ceramic surface is virtually indestructible in normal use and is therefore ideal for use as a
“standard” for quality control purposes.


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