Model Number: K303

This instrument enables accurate and reproducible prints and coatings to be made using a wide range of products, and many
different substrates. The different heads detailed over are fully and easily interchangeable, providing Gravure, Flexo and Meter Bar coating, giving exceptionally accurate surface coatings and laminations. The smallest differences in products can be detected
by applying multiple samples adjacent to each other.

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INDUSTRY: Printing & Ink

APPLICATION: Ink & Other Coating

Case Dimension: .

• Easily repeatable samples
• Interchangeable heads
• Multiple coatings simultaneously for comparison
• Maximum coating area 350 x 440mm (meter bar coating head)
• Coating speed 1 – 39m/min

K303 Standard Gravure Proofer is used in laboratories for quality control on all conventional ink/substrate
combinations for colour, printability, adhesion, etc.

Standard Design Gravure Plates:
303/D8W : 8 Wedges 150 lines/inch 100% - 60%
303/S3W : 3 Wedges 150 lines/inch
100% - 80% - 60%
Printing Area 275 x 285mm maximum.

Utilises doctored anilox flexo plates from which the ink is transferred via the plate roller onto the substrate.
Photopolymer or rubber plates are made to your own design, including for instance company logo/address. Very
fine pressure adjustments can be made to obtain a perfect print on most substrates by the use of micrometers. This
also means that settings for any particular substrate can be recorded.

Standard Design Flexo Plates:
303/35 : 150 lines/inch @ 100%
303/25 : 150 lines/inch @ 60%
Printing Area 265 x 250mm maximum.


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