Model Number: 1100

Simulating the dynamic conditions that occur in the ink-distributing system of a press, the Inkometer provides reliable data on the tack and length of ink.

Simulating the dynamic conditions that occur in the ink-distributing system of a press, the Inkometer provides reliable data on the tack and length of ink.
The Inkometer 1100's consistency allows you to quickly compare different inks, so you can evaluate new inks as well as maintain quality control in your press production.
Features include test method storage, statistical reporting and data exporting, providing the tools to the testing lab that increase productivity in the printing and ink development industries
The Inkometer 1100 measures the apparent tack of printing ink under conditions closely approximating the dynamic conditions of the ink-distribution system of a printing press. The testing instrument provides the highest accuracy and efficiency for research and development, quality control and process evaluation to verify, test and improve quality.

This ink tack tester measures the integrated forces involved in ink film splitting and the effects of roller speed, film thickness, temperature and solvent evaporation.

The Inkometer 1100 consists of three rollers. The center roller is a temperature controlled brass roller. The bottom roller is an oscillating rubber composition distribution roller. The top roller is a rubber composition roller attached to the measuring system which measures tack. Rollers are available for testing standard and UV inks. The brass roller temperature is controlled by circulating a coolant mixture provided by a Constant Temperature Circulator (CTC).

The tack is reported in gram-meters and represents the torque required to "work" the ink film at a known rate with predetermined film thickness and temperature.

The Inkometer 1100 multi-line display shows the temperature, tack, roller speed and test time. Tack readings can be exported to the RS-232 port, the integrated printer or to a USB flash drive. Statistical reports can be viewed directly from the display. The Inkometer provides four test methods based on ASTM D-4361 as well as five user configurable methods that are stored in non-volatile memory.

Reliable data about ink tack
Digital keypad with simplified setup menus
4 Preset methods based on ASTM D-4361
Create and save 5 custom test methods
Store up to 180 tack readings
Preset & programmable speed options
Built-in printer for instant results
Portable data via USB port
Calibration weights included
Emergency stop button
ASTM D4361

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INDUSTRY: Printing & Ink

APPLICATION: Ink & Other Coating

Case Dimension: 1

Model Name Inkometer 1100
Industry Ink/Graphic Arts
Testing Property Ink Tack
List of Standards ASTM D4361
Test Duration 10 seconds to 30 minutes
Sample Rate 10 seconds to 10 minutes
Roller Set Total surface area of 106 square in. (2692.4 mm)
Roller Speed Accuracy 2 RPM
Roller Testing Speeds - Preset 400, 800, 1200 and 2000 RPM
(314, 628, 942 and 1570 feet per minute)
Distribution Time 1 second to 30 seconds
Tack Accuracy 0.2 gram-meters
CTC Reservoir Capacity 2.5 gallons
Power Requirements 120V 50 or 60Hz, 220V 50 or 60Hz
Software Available WinWedge


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