Handheld Particle Counter - HPC 301

Model Number: HPC-301

HAL-HPC301, replacing the popular but obsolete model HPC300, is a completely new designed, integrated with the state-of-art technology, handheld laser particle counter, The stylish design of HPC301 features easy-clean stainless enclosure particularly suitable in ultra clean environment. Because of its low-cost, versatility, and affordability, it can also be used for indoor/outdoor air quality (IAQ) application. The touch-screen display has adjustable color scheme and everything-at-a-glance user interface. The settings of measurement parameters as well as results displayed in total counts, number concentration or/and mass concentration as well as PM values(new feature for IAQ application)are all controlled and realized by an internal microprocessor (MCU). The HPC301 simultaneously measures three channel sizes that are configurable by a user. The data stored onboard can be downloaded through either a USB or Bluetooth wireless interface to a smart phone, a tablet or a computer.

Product Description
Simultaneously measures 3 user configurable particle sizes
Counting modes with cumulative/differential/concentration/average/auto-repeat/timer
Up to 3000-data (1000 sets) internal memory
Excess-count-limit warning
USB and Bluetooth interface for data downloading
External digital temperature, humidity and pressure probe

Qty :

INDUSTRY: Coating Industry - Powder, Paint, ED Paint

APPLICATION: Environmental

Case Dimension: 1

WEIGHT: 2 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 3.6 x 1.8 x 7.5 in
LIGHT SOURCE: Laser diode (>100,000 hours)
SIZE RANGE: 0.3µm~20µm
CHANNELS: All three channels and size are user configurable
COUNTING EFFICIENCY :50±20% @0.3µm, 100±10% @0.45µm
COINCIDENCE LOSS:<5% @70,000 Particles/Liter or <5% @2,000,000 particles/ft^3
ZERO COUNT:<1 count per 5 minutes
FLOW RATE :2.83 L /min (0.1cfm)
SAMPLING TIME:User defined: (up to 59m59s) and auto repeat (up to 99 times)
COUNT LIMIT WARNING:FED STD 209E (Class 1 ~ 100,000) or ISO 14644-1 (Class 2 ~ 9)
SAMPLING MODE:Cumulative, differential, concentration (counts/liter), mass concentration µg/m^3, TSP and PM values) (optional)
ERROR INDICATIONS:Excess count limit, optics contamination, loss of laser power, insufficient battery power
INTERFACE:USB, Bluetooth 4.0
INTERNAL MEMORY :3000 measurement data (1000 sets)
POWER :Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery (7.4V/5200mAH) or 9VDC1.5A AC Adapter (100~240V input)
MAX OPERATING TIME:Continuous operation > 8 hours with Li-ion battery
ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS:Operating: 0 ~ 50°C, < 90%RH, Storage: -20 ~ 65°C, < 90%RH
STANDARD ACCESSORIES: AC adaptor, isokinetic probe, USB data cable, portable carry case, data download software (CD), NIST-
traceable calibration certificate
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES :Zero-count filter, digital temperature and humidity sensor probe, mini Bluetooth printer, tripod
MASS CONCENTRATION OPTIONS:HAL-HPC301MS is capable of displaying particle concentration in µg/m^3 and PM values


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