Planetary Mixers Deaerator

Model Number: KK VT300 KKV300SS KKV300SS

Model KKVT300 KKV300SS KKV300SS
Max. processing quantity 310g×2container 310g×1container
Revolution 9 level variable (level variable 1 ~ 9)
Rotation 10level variable (level variable 0 ~ 9)
(times of revolution speed 1.0~0.0) times of revolution times of revolution speed 1.0
(Number of rotations is reduced at speed 0.5
high revolution speed levels.)
Setting time 10~300seconds×5step
Number of channel 100 (Fixed channel:10?user setting channel:90)
Vacuum system Pump Ultimate pressure:200Pa
Pumping speed:133L/160L (50/60Hz)
Chamber Independent of driving and electric system to decompress only sphere of
revolution turntable with cup holders.
Setting Set vacuum degree kPa voluntarily for each step
Main warning device Unbalance, Upper door and/or maintenance cover open, and overload
Main safety function Automatic shut off in case of error, Locking door while in operation and preventing
system from being used while door open.
Temperature and humidity for use 10~40??20~80%RH(No dew condensation)

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APPLICATION: Dispersion & Mixing

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