Spectrophotometer - CS 580

Model Number: CS-580

Spctrophotometer is designed for color measurement, it adopts high technology from overseas.It can be used for most industries such as painting,textile, plastic, food,building material,etc.

1.Portable spectrophotometer adopts internationally agreed geometry D/8 (Diffused illumination, 8 degrees observe angle) and SCI(specular component included)/SCE(specular component excluded). It could be used for color matching for many industries and widely used in painting industry, textile industry, plastic industry, food industry, building material industry and other industries for color quality control.

2.Camera to view the measurement area (Patent Right Number: ZL20130519382X)
In previous measurement instrument, we can only aim at the testing area approximately which may introduce errors. Our spectrophotometers include a camera in our optical system, and the user can clearly see the measurement area to avoid measurement errors.

3.CLEDs light source – spectrally balanced LED light source (Patent Right No.: ZL2013107548347)
LED light source that has balanced intensity across visible spectrum avoids the spectral deficiency in certain parts of the spectrum in common white LEDs, and guarantees the speed of the measurement and the accuracy of the results. This research finding has been published in national leading, SCI included optical journal, Chinese Optics Letter.

4.Every Test Calibration Technology (ETC) Patent Right No.: ZL20130373360.1)
For now most instruments use standard white tile for calibration.When white tile is damaged, the instrument’s accuracy or precision will no longer be guaranteed. In CHNSpec’s spectrophotometers, we adopt innovative technology ETC(Every Test Calibration); standard white board is included in the optical system, and therefore has reliable accuracy and repeat-ability in every measurement.

5.Color QC Software
Our spectrophotometer comes with PC color QC software, which is applicable in various industries for management of color data. It is used for store test result,generate test report and print test report after connect with printer.

6.Automatic Gloss Compensation Technology (Patent Right No.: ZL201310511357.1)
Gloss will greatly affect the measurement of color. Our instrument adopts automatic gloss compensation technology which guarantees the accuracy of color measurement value for surfaces of different gloss. This research finding is published in international leading, SCI included journal, Optik.

7.Innovative light splitting SCS optical engine(Patent Right No.:ZL201210337619.2)
Adopt innovative single-grating-dual-light-paths light splitting system: SCS optical engine which creates the best measurement repeatability for portable spectrophotometers and guarantees accurate measurement of surface color of materials.

8.The most complete light sources compares with similar products.
Comparing with similar products, our spectrophotometers offer the most complete, 28 kinds of standard light sources and 40 measurement color value indicators; It can also customize measurement methods according to your requirement, and satisfy all your color measurement needs.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry

APPLICATION: Color Measurement

Case Dimension: 1

Detailed Technical Specification : Refer Brochure


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