High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Model Number: 6200

Self-priming pump head requires no manual priming
Patented “Floating Pump Seal” designed for extended seal wear
Available with micro, analytical, semi-prep, and prep pump heads
Programmable solvent compressibility compensation
Easy maintenance and service for all wetted parts
Integral prime/purge assemble for quick solvent chang

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INDUSTRY: Paint Manufacturers & Users

APPLICATION: Color Measurement

Case Dimension: .

Wavelength 190-700nm
Spectral bandwidth 6 nm
Wavelength Accuracy =±1 nm
Flow pool volume 10µl
Wavelength Reproducibility =± 0.5 nm
Optical path 10 mm
Dynamic Noise =±2.5×10 AU (Methanol,1ml/min,254nm, 20°C)
Static Noise
Dynamic Drifting =± 2.5×10 AU (Methanol, 1ml/min, 254nm, 20°C)
Static Drifting
Qualitative repeatability RSD = 0.1%
Quantitative repeatability RSD = 0.5%
Dimensions 160H x 260W x 350 D, (mm)
Weight. 6kg
Operating Temperature 4-40°C
Minimum detection
=1×10-8g/mL(Naphthalene/methanol solution)
Linear range =104

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