Ft-Ir Spectrometer

Model Number: 5500

Qty :

INDUSTRY: Paint Manufacturers & Users

APPLICATION: Color Measurement

Case Dimension: .

Spectral Range : 7800 to 350 cm-1
Resolution : Better than 0 .85cm-1
Wave number Precision :±0.01 cm-1
Scanning Speed : 5-st ep ad just able fo r diff er ent appl ication s
better than 1 5,000 :1 (R MS v alue, at 210 0cm-1
Signal to noise ratio : re sol ution: 4 cm- 1, det ecto r: DTGS,
1 m inute data co llec ti on)
Beam splitter : Ge c oate d KBr :
Infrared Source : Air- cool ed, h igh ef ?cien cy R ef l ex Sphere module

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