TranSpec Lite Film Thickness Gauges

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The TranSpec Lite film thickness gauges use the white-light interference phenomenon for noncontact and non-destructive layer determination of transparent single or double layers in the
range of around 0.8 to 120 micrometer (depending on the model). The TranSpec Lite instruments
are designed for manually performed, but even though high-precise measurements in the lab.

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APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

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TranSpec Lite - Desktop Spectrometer with integrated Halogen Spectral Lamp
Our TranSpec Lite spectrometer exclusively uses the high-innovative spectrometer modules of Carl
Zeiss, Germany. With these modules, the entrance slit is imaged on a photodiode array (PDA) by
means of an holographic created, concave diffraction grating. All optical components of the
spectrometer module are firmly mounted together in one unit and permanently adjusted to each
other, which means that there are no mechanically moveable parts at all. Thus the TranSpec Lite
spectrometer module is free-of-maintenance!
The integrated halogen lamp with automatic shutter control is designed to operate along with the
spectrometer module in order to detect white-light interference spectra using a bifurcated fiber
optics cable for your non-contact film thickness measurements.
FTM-ProVis Lite - Powerful Film Thickness Software
This very easy-to-use software package uses an improved Fast-Fourier Transformation (FFT)
algorithm to determine the film thickness from measured white-light interference spectra of thin
transparent layers, which allows high-precision results in the entire measurement range. The film
thickness result is computed in real-time and can be displayed in various different on-line charts.
FTM-ProVis Lite also permits the fully automatic and simultaneous measurement of double-layers


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