Model Number: IC Vicat/HDT/ECO Vicat (oil-free)/HDT Automat

IC Vicat/HDT
Tests according to ISO and ASTM
Creep tests are possible
Automatic start of integrated cooling (water supply required)
Motorized specimen immersion
Upgrade to IC+ for automatic load application

The ECO Vicat and the HDT Automat enable tests to be carried out without an operator,
e.g. overnight or at the weekend.
ECO Vicat (oil-free)
Tests without oil (contact heat transfer) acc. to ISO 306
Automatic test procedure
Cooling by pressurized air or water
No need to apply weights, automatic loading
Optional: robotic sample feed  can test up to 120 specimens fully automatically

HDT Automat
Fully automated 24/7 measurement of the heat deflection temperature
6 measuring stations
Automatic weight appliance, sample measurement and sample feeding
Cooling from 300°C to room temperature in 12 minutes
Magazine for up to 90 samples

Qty :

INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry

APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

Case Dimension: 1

IC+ Vicat/HDT
Test Method : Vicat/HDT
test Stations : 1 to 6

ECO Vicat
Test Method : 2,3 or 6

Automat HDT
Test Method : HDT
Test Station : 6



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